What Do We do?


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Other Activities:

The Annual IMC conference is no doubt a high energy event and a major activity for the organization; yet, it is not the only activity that the IMC actively pursues. In fact, there continues to be a growing retinue to events and activities on our pallet as the Holy Spirit directs. We attempt to chat about some of them below:

Sunday Outreach Workshops

The IMC dedicates the 2nd of every month to Missions outreach activities. We go to assemblies on invitation to talk about the need for them to establish a missions unit in the local assemblies as a necessary part of their response to the command of The Great Commission.

We use the opportunity to encourage those who already have missions units and/or missionary services, learn from them on how local adaptions are made, and share their news among brethren.

We encourage every assembly/church/ministry everywhere in the world to adopt the second Sunday of every month to support missionary activities, or even to learn more about missions. You may congregate to pray for your mission, or for other mission fields. You may spend the time chatting about missions and missionaries, or watch a movie to learn about missions. The IMC will continue to provide access to movie reviews and videos this can help in this area. You may read books and excerpts from books written by missionaries or for mission work.

Monthly Prayer Meetings

In addition, we have adopted the second Monday of every month to pray for the work of missionaries and their various mission fields. At this time, this meeting is conducted by online telephone conferencing, and it is globally accessible for everyone with the interest to join the prayer band. Even then, you may join us this day in your local group or community to raise the hands of your brethren in prayers for the oil of Holy Ghost anointing and intervention to flow to turn the sufferings, needs and persecutions of missionaries into testimonies of joy and victory.

Don’t forget to fill IMC pages with your news.

The calendar for the early part of 2016 looks like this:

Monday, May the 9th

Monday, June the 13th

Monday, July the 11th

Monday, August the 8th

Monday, September the 12th


Monthly Prayer Conference line:

Every second Monday of the month.

Time: 09:00PM – 10:00PM (Dallas, TX local time)

Phone No: +1-712-770-4010

International Phone Nos: Click to choose

Venue: Access code 922641#;

Online Link: Click To Join the Conference


Monthly Planning Meetings

In Dallas, Texas we meet hold a face-to-face meeting every month to review developing matters and determine how to address them. The IMC encourages the development of local chapters and groups in order to facilitate the meeting of minds and networking in every community. Just let the President know about your intentions, and the details will be worked out. The meetings hold on the 3rd Saturday of the month.