IMC Youth


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IMC Passionates Club

Motto: Not just talented, but passionate for the gospel

The aim of this club is to harness and enhance the energies of talented young people in acting, drama, comedy, musical instrument skills, camera skills, audio-visual support including the use of production equipment, and similar production skills to advance the gospel across barriers in the whole world under the sponsorship and guidance of the IMC.

The idea is to ensure that they have regular programming within IMC, and to contribute through mentored year-round activities.

Potential Benefits

  1. They will benefit from free blogging training
  2. They will be enrolled to participate in professional Christian news-writer clubs where they may win scholarships
  3. They will acquire so many presentation skills that they can apply in their schools for greater credit
  4. They will have opportunities to join professional clubs in DFW, attend movie premieres, and invited red carpet review sessions. There are other scholarship opportunities offered to students by some of these clubs.
  5. They can also claim their service here as contributing to volunteer work in their resumes
  6. In the near future, they will handle all video recording of IMC events

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