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Reaching Out To Your Muslim Neighbors with The Gospel Without Hurting Their Feelings
April 23, 2016
Your best friend is a Muslim, a wonderful neighbor, proud child of Abraham. What prevents your neighbor from becoming a Christian like you? Who has not wondered about how to explain the grace of salvation to a great Muslim without hurting their feelings? This is Rani‘s God-sent mission, and he owes you a chat.

Reverse the Declining Fortunes of Christianity With Immigrants
April 17, 2016
“In less than six decades, those countries who used to send missionaries to other nations, including America and Europe now have their cathedrals bought by pagans. Currently, they are in need of missionaries and missionary help”, says Pastor Adeyemi.

Cheryl Gress challenges anti-Christian imagery of Hollywood movies and computer games
March 15, 2016
Cheryl and husband Jason, who are also parents founded the Christian Computer Game Reviews to help Christians unravel ungodly content, including occult imagery or practices, that parents may not be aware of as their children play computer games.

We provide free services and resources to help grow your local church
May 25, 2014
IMC strategically targets 2 billion potential Christians that remain un-reached worldwide

Lack of seminary training makes prosperity preachers mislead congregations about Christianity
May 24, 2014
Redeem Church Overseer says God created schools that give Christians mastery over money and wealth

Redeem Church General Overseer Challenges the Rebirth of Christian Evangelism
May 13, 2014
2nd Annual International Missions Conference themed Kingdom-Centered Missions holds in Dallas, Texas

Kingdom-Centered Missions Conference attracts Resource Leaders Worldwide
Mar 30, 2014
The international Missions Conference holds its Second Annual Conference in Dallas, Texas