Your Child, God’s Child

Barefoot Evangelist Flanery actually pointed out the true dangers that missionaries face as they enter the frontiers of evil strongholds to pull out the elect. The challenges of going to a war without a physical armory trusting in Jesus Christ for support in a war managed at the spiritual level, but for which Satan leaves no sacred ground be that physical or spiritual
Evil to say the least

forced to sell the cannibalized body of his neighbor.

includes the fact the knowledge that appearances of evil bear no limitation. Everyone that attended the 2015 Conference of the IMC will remember graphic illustrations that Dr. Joel Oke’s presented to propose his concept of Mission Spirituality.

Every missionary require these kinds of preparation to interpret and manage the challenges posed by this gory picture. For example, the hacked child did have a mother. Therefore, wickedness was visited on the child and his/her family. The man/child carrying the child could be his brother or even be the body parts seller. Yet, he does not reflect any signs of happiness or joy in the experience.

Certainly, there is no love in this set up; hence, it is against the motivations of the Holy Spirit. In other words, every imagination that produced this is evil. Man does not require further evidence that the word of God stands, and in every climate under the sky, evil reigns. Missionaries are best equipped to manage these challenges with wisdom. We must continue to pull together to combine our individual skills, gifts and talents into a synergy that brings light into the depths of darkness that surround our existence.

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